About us

About us

About us

Hello and welcome to my shop on the internet.


I think its only polite to introduce myself.


My name is Angela and I am the sole owner of Peppercorn Health.



I think of Peppercorn Health as my "real" shop in the lovely market town Pocklington, where you will be made very welcome and where you can browse an extensive range of health foods and supplements, many of them my own brand "Peppercorn Health".


People have a tendency to think tht smaller independent shops are more expensive than the chains or supermarkets but in fact it is generally the opposite, and as a small shop I sell a variety of things and I shall try to give a brieg outline.


I also offer a very personal service and I'm always happy to discuss, advise and stock products just for you.


In these modern times a buisness also needs a presence on the internet and this is my shop on the internet, thank you for looking.

I purchased Peppercorn nearly 12 years ago, after my divorce. I had 3 young children and no family members close by therefore I needed work that could fit in with them. I had always had an interest in healthly food and a healthy lifestye so a health food shop opportunity seemed ideal.
I believe that the body is like an engine, if you put bad fuel in and never maintain it then the engine will break down and not work properly, and the body, like engines, deterioates with age needs good fuel and maintenance.
I have been a vegetarian for 40 years and not eaten sugar for 30 years.
When I was young I watched a TV programme about the effects of asprin. I was shocked, why anyone would take anything that had such side effects, and then the Talidomide drug publicity had a major impact on me.
I am now older and wiser and realise that sometimes medication has to be taken but if there is a more natural / herbal remedy avaliable that could be taken with less or no side effects I would prefer that and so would my customers.
I believe we are what we eat and we have to do the best with what we have inherited. Someone may have inherited a problem but, providing they eat helthly, certain supplements can help them also.
After over 11 years I am even more convinced than I was as a child that herbal remedies are a good alternatve and that they work and my customers tell me the same.
I also understand that there is a lot of competition but you should consider, before buying anything to help with your general health and well being, that when you buy from a reliable source everything that is sold is to the very best and high standard and has not had anything added during the manufacture that could be dangerous (for example the biding agent is some tablets).
Peppercorn Health makes sure that only finest and safest ingredients are used in all our products and wherever possible only natural unprocessed products are used.
Thank you for your time and looking at my online shop, I hope to hear from you and hopefully meeting you at my shop.
"Your wellbeing is our wellbeing"
Best wishes